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Mississippi Trip

Today was a busy day in the field. I went past the border to Mississippi! We spent the entire day going through 40 colonies. We were checking the queens, amount of bees in the colony and the percentage of brood, pollen and honey on every frame. We also collected a sample of nurse bees to later check the mite infestation in the colonies.

My favorite part was collecting pollen and nectar samples. We took a frame of nectar and pollen from every colony. Then we used a special tool to dig out the pollen and used a pipette to collect nectar. These samples will be used to identify the presence of pesticides in the colonies. Though we tried our best the bees began robbing the comb we had pulled for the sampling. You cannot tell very well from the photo but the dots in the background of the tent are bees.

I also got a photo with the FAMOUS Bob Danka.

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