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Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC)

On July 31, we visited the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. This is a view from the National Agriculture Library of a small section of the Research center.

We visited many of the different labs. Including SPAR (Sustainable Agriculture Systems Lab), where we saw an experiment that involved the difference between water and temperature variables. This is a photo of rice being kept in a chamber in the lab.


National Agricultural Library

The picture above is part of the collection of field notes. Wrote by a scientists in the 1930s by a Dr. Coville. He was studying blueberries.


Then we went back to the hotel and started our evening program. We listened a couple of different speakers from the UN, FDA and NIFA. My favorite a speaker from NOAA. He showed us a program that shows the world and different data and information.

The photo below is of the program and turtles migrating from Japan and California and their travel.

This was my favorite set of data they shared with us. The map of connected Facebook friends:

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